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Mr. Be Strong: The Tourist of Life: Panagiotis Michael
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Mr. Be Strong: The Tourist of Life

Mr. Be Strong: The Tourist of Life

A TRUE STORY: When you stop dreaming... you stop living!

A TRUE STORY: When you stop dreaming... you stop living!

Panagiotis Michael, a professional gymnast, delivers an “aerobics” lesson on finding our inner strength and getting through hard times.

After a health ordeal which left him paralyzed as an adolescent and battling cancer as an adult, he shares his experience with us through his empirical writing.

He gives us an important lesson on empowering our body through exercise, feeding our soul with laughter, drawing strength from our dreams and never letting go of our hope. Because when you stop dreaming, you stop living!
“One of my dreams was to write a book about my life. Most people stop dreaming when they become adults. We become stern, busy, cynical and we forget to dream. 

Without my dreams, I wouldn't have made it through life.This book was written as a reminder of the importance of dreams. It is the realization of my own dream, perhaps my biggest one so far. 

I wrote this book in hopes that someone would gain strength through my story. If my ordeal empowers even just a single reader, then it will have been worthwhile. Had I given up on my dreams, life might have given up on me.”
"Everyone believes cancer will never come knocking on their own door. That's what I thought, too! Both my experiences are examples of how important prevention is, when it comes to cancer. The faster we are diagnosed, the faster we can get rid of it. Share your own experiences with other people, let them know about your health ordeals. Don't hide them in shame. Someone else's life could depend on it!"
Panagiotis Michael, of Cypriot descent, was born in Germany in 1967. He is an artistic and acrobatics gymnast. He graduated from the National Sports Academy of Athens, specializing in artistic gymnastics. He is a teacher at the I.A.F.A College, a Seminar Rapporteur for professional gymnasts, and a regular columnist for various athletic magazines.

Since 1988, Panagiotis has worked with over 60 gymnasiums in Athens, Greece and has trained over 5,000 people. He is the founder of the non-profit organization for friends of cancer “BE STRONG”.
The non-profit organization for people dealing with cancer, named “Be Strong”, was inaugurated on October 4th, 2007. The organization’s aim is to provide concrete information and support to anyone and everyone affected by cancer. “Be Strong” is a non-profit organization; we are supported exclusively by our donors and fund-raising events. The next goal is the foundation of the first Cancer Survivor’s Wellness Center in Greece.
“Mr. Be Strong, The Tourist of Life”, is his first book. 70% of the sales' net income will be donated to BE STRONG Charitable Organization which supports people with cancer from Greece, in order to create the 1st Cancer Survivors Wellness Centre in Greece.


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